Naruto is an orphan who has a dream of becoming Hokage something like a king. At first he doesn't seem like he has any friends after he defeated Mizuki he became really good friends and he even graduated to become a ninja when he was supposed to fail. He was then paired with Saske Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. Saske is also an orphan because his brother killed his whole clan except him this may be because Itatchi couldn't live with himself so he wanted his brother to kill him. Later on in the series you can see that Saske and Naruto have a brotherly love. Sakura at first doesn't understand who they felt so she made fun of Naruto and also gave him a hard time. The rest of the story primarily revolves round those three young ninja and there Sensi Kakashi Hakate. Later on in the series the former Leaf village ninja Orochimaru tries to destroy the Leaf village he fails but at a price for both sides Orochimaru loses his arms because of a jutsu which is meant to kill the user and the enemy it killed the user and not the enemy the third Hokage.